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There’s no place like home

We have to admit, we too are gradually beginning to succumb to Corona rage and are yearning to visit a beer garden with our friends. But that’s just the way it is now. Coronavirus. So we’re staying at home. However, even our own four walls have a lot to offer. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to start working out, bake your own bread, clean out the cellar or learn to knit. It’s also completely fine to do nothing at all; these are extraordinary times and the emotional burden on us is huge.

However, if, like so many others, you have ants in your pants and simply don’t know what to do with yourself, we’ve put a little something together for you here.

On this page, you will find the ultimate Fidor stay-at-home package to see you through the Coronavirus crisis. Valuable tips, useful information, exciting ideas and fantastic discounts from our partners.  Enjoy!

Staying safe during the crisis

Your safety – and the security of your personal data and finances – is our top priority. However, there are a few things you can do to help keep yourself and your finances safe and secure during the Coronavirus crisis.

This is because there has been a significant increase in attempted fraud in connection with Coronavirus. Internet criminals are taking advantage of the current flood of information about the Coronavirus crisis to request sensitive customer data or to send malicious software.

We have therefore put together a comprehensive package of information and tips to ensure that you stay secure and protected while banking online, particularly during the Coronavirus crisis.

From alerts to pharming, and from the emergency blocking hotline to certificates – you can find everything you need to know about security here.

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Perform cashless payments using your Fidor smartcard and your Fidor debit Mastercard®

We recommend that you pay in the most hygienic way possible by doing away with cash entirely. This will allow you to remain an appropriate distance from the other person and avoid direct contact in order to protect your health and that of your loved ones.

The Fidor Smartcard and the Fidor Debit Mastercard® will allow you to make contactless payments almost everywhere. For amounts of up to €50, it is generally no longer necessary to enter your PIN.

We can also offer you the digital Fidor Debit Mastercard® for enjoyable online shopping. The account can be opened automatically and can be used straight away. You can use Apple Pay or Fidor Pay (Android) for this, and you can easily withdraw or deposit your money using Fidor Cash.

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Simply pay using your smartphone!

With Apple Pay for iOS or Fidor Pay via Android (exclusively for our private customers), there is no need to enter a PIN even for larger amounts. Hence, you can keep enough distance and easily authorize the payment via your smartphone.


Secure and convenient, to safeguard your health: make mobile payments using your Android smartphone.

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Simply use your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch to pay and keep the virus at bay.

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Our tip

Increased security thanks to geo-blocking

Have you heard of geo-blocking? This function controls (in real-time) in which countries your Fidor Card can be used. You can also set your own credit limit. This ensures even greater security – especially in these turbulent times of Coronavirus, quarantine and online shopping.

In the current situation, many fraudsters are trying to capitalize on the increased demand within the e-commerce sector. Over the past weeks, our partners and us have been noticing a rise of fraud attempts targeting consumers cards. You are, of course, protected from a fraud attack by the possibility to reclaim the payment transaction. Nonetheless, we recommend that you adapt the geo-blocking settings of your Fidor cards so that they are only activated in Germany (or the country that you are currently in). To be absolutely on the safe side, you can also block all countries and only unlock your card before you are going to use it. This will prevent cybercriminals from being able to harvest your data while you are shopping online and then use your card details abroad in order to shop at your expense. You can, of course, adjust the settings at any time should you wish to place an order with an online shop located abroad.

Since we are experiencing more fraud attacks from abroad, we will soon reset older cards to "blocked" for all countries outside of Europe. New cards are already delivered with this setting. Of course, you can change this again at any time, if necessary.

Moreover, you have another option to protect your account from attacks by cybercriminals by setting a relatively low card limit.

You can find further information on this in our card FAQs.

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From us. To you.

Exclusive offers and great deals surrounding educational development, sport and mindfulness.

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Coronavirus came seemingly out of the blue and within just a few short weeks had plunged the entire planet into a deep crisis. This is just the beginning of the pandemic. At the moment, nobody is able to say how long – and with what consequences – our current extraordinary situation will last. This uncertainty brings with it a great many questions. And even though we are not able to answer all of these questions, we can at least address some of them. Namely those that relate to Coronavirus, your safety and your finances.

We have summarised all of the most important questions and helpful answers on this topic on our Coronavirus news page, which we update regularly and adapt to reflect the latest developments.

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Community Experts are available within the Fidor Smart Community to assist you with questions about your personal finances. Gain new insights and share your knowledge with other members.

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Exclusive offers and great deals surrounding educational development, sport and mindfulness.

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