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You can’t plan everything in life. Especially not when money’s involved. A repair one day, a new washing machine the next... or simply a special treat that can’t wait: Our fair and spontaneous overdraft loan lets you stay flexible. You’ll receive our decision immediately after registration, allowing you to access your overdraft the same moment if approved.

  • Variable borrowing rate of 8.50 % p.a*
  • Amounts between €500 and €10,000 to choose from
  • Interest charged quarterly
  • Finalize 100% digitally, via smartphone or PC
  • Super-fast registration and instant decision process

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*Our loan application form is only available in German

Fidor acts only as a broker who supplies information or as a "tipster" and is therefore not responsible for the services provided by third parties.


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*Our loan application form is only available in German

*The borrowing rate for the overdraft loan is variable and is derived from the total of the bank rate of interest for overdraft loan to the amount of 8.50 % p.a. and the current rate of the main refinancing operations of the European Central Bank (current ECB interest rate 0.00 % p.a. as at 30.09.2018). Please read our Terms and Conditions of Business and Special Terms for Private Customers for more information. The interest is calculated based on the euro interest method. The interest is charged quarterly to the Fidor Smart current account.


We will terminate the overdraft loan in its old form by the end of May 2019 at the latest. If your credit facility has been utilised at the time of termination, you'll of course be granted a reasonable period to settle the outstanding amount.

If you’re allocated a new loan, the old overdraft loan will automatically be replaced by the new loan. If a difference results between the old and new loan limit, you'll be granted a reasonable period to repay the outstanding amount.

To reapply for an overdraft, simply follow the application route established for this. Whether the new overdraft loan is granted depends on your personal creditworthiness. If your creditworthiness and income allow new overdraft loan to be granted, you'll of course receive a corresponding overdraft facility again. As a rule, the new overdraft loan can even result in the option of higher loan facility. Please note that your new overdraft loan presupposes a positive SCHUFA enquiry. The overdraft will then continue to be available.

No, a current account indicated with another bank will also be included in the calculation.

Of course, you also have the option of using your old overdraft loan when the new overdraft loan is introduced. As a precaution though, we wish to point out that the old overdraft loan will be terminated by the end of May 2019 at the latest. If your overdraft loan has been utilised at the time of the conversion and you do not receive any overdraft facility or your overdraft limit is reduced for reasons of creditworthiness, you'll be granted a reasonable period to pay back the outstanding amount.

The amounted requested and entered is regarded as an upper limit guide. However, it may be the case that your overdraft loan cannot be approved for the total sum. In this case, the loan limit will be adjusted and possibly lowered in the offer.

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