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Are you sick and tired of what conventional banks recommend? Then why not join a community full of fresh new ideas – and keen to share product information, knowledge, experience with financial investments. Become an expert yourself by rating the community or gaining ratings yourself. This has allowed us to gradually build up an unlimited pool of community “banking experts”, available 24/7. Who will you encounter in the community? A fascinating cross-section of people interested in financial issues with knowledge and experience to share. From business executives (business customers) to avid geeks or everyday private customers.


Customers help customers.

In our social banking network, you’re sure to find someone to share with on any topic. Can you believe or trust them? Check out their “Karma” to see what others think. This is like a badge revealing the quality of a member. Share your experience with other members and play your part in the development of new digital banking products. True to the motto: You’re the bank!


Before getting started: Here are our Community rules.

If you can't follow the rules, you can't play the game. Because we all want our Community to remain a valued platform for sharing important information and knowledge. Our rules are there to ensure harmony with a clear way of communicating with one another. So please, read through our rules before joining the action. This means that not only you but everyone else can also thrive in a lively and interesting community.


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