SumUpCard payments: Mobile and hassle-free - with no monthly fixed costs!


Innovative card for
innovative people.

Complete flexibility and transparency.

Ready for use straight after ordering.

Contactless payment including Apple Pay & Fidor Cash.

Issue price € 0 - annual fee just € 24.95.

The Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®. One card – so many opportunities.

If you’re going for just one card. Then go for one with lots of options: The Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®. This lets your company benefit from maximum flexibility and innovation coupled with first-class transparency. But our card offers a lot more: You won’t be charged any fees when paying abroad and will only have to pay 1.5 % on any foreign currency transactions.

Plus you don’t need to wait for the benefits of our Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®: Your card is ready for use in digital form immediately after you order it, thanks to our instant card issuing service.

The card with real innovation!

Quick and easy contactless payments with your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®! Plus you can use smart payment services like Apple Pay, or Fidor Cash. Paying money into your Business Account or making a withdrawal has never been easier, with one of our 12,000 partners.

At the same time, your new Fidor Business Debit Mastercard® acts as an entry ticket to our Community and various offers from Mastercard® like the Mastercard® Priceless programme. On top of this, you’re able to utilize innovative API Banking, which can be integrated directly in your account.

Order now and start benefiting from all the things Mastercard® has to offer!




Everything in one place.
Just the way you need it.



Please check if your card is active and the card limit is set sufficiently high. Please also check whether you’ve enabled the country from where the dealer is attempting to debit your card management for use of the card. Please note that the credit card use is blocked in Indonesia for security reasons. If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Service.

Please contact our Customer Service and describe exactly what happened by email, so we can check the option of a chargeback by the bank. Please also provide us with all available documents. If unlawful bookings are involved, which were not authorized by you, please block the card and file criminal charges. To check a reimbursement of the amounts, send us the criminal compliant together with the transaction details by email.

If you’ve deactivated your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®, you can reactivate it any time you like in your card management. It’s no longer possible to unblock a permanently blocked card. Please contact our Customer Service to unblock your card after several incorrect PIN or CVC2 code entries.

To enable us to release a sales preliminary note for your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®, we need evidence that the merchant no longer intends to debit the amount. Please send proof (e.g. confirmation of cancellation, final invoice) to us by email. Unposted preliminary notes are deleted automatically after 30 days.

You can block your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard® via your online banking or in the Fidor Smart Banking App. Alternatively, you can call the general blocking hotline (116 116). Please note that the card will continue to be displayed as active in the app if you block it via the 116 116 number.


Receive mobile and uncomplicated card payments
without monthly fixed costs - with exclusive conditions
for Fidor customers!

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