Fidor Smart Business Account

Banking at another level. Total flexibility. 
Tons of extras.

  • Mobile, digital and contactless
  • Cash at over 12,000 retail partners
  • Digital Fidor Debit Mastercard® inclusive
  • Deposit protection up to €100,000

How to open a Fidor Smart Business Account?

Mobile Payment. All online.

Your business is doing great. So it’s natural to expect the same from your business account. Smart, modern, innovative and totally transparent. The Fidor Business Account helps you to stay in control of your finances – anytime, anywhere. Whether on the web or via our Fidor Smart Banking App.

Manage your transactions, transfers, standing orders or foreign bank transfers. Allowing you to focus on what’s really important: your business.

Activity Bonus? Only with us.

Simply use your account to conduct more than 10 transactions per month, and we'll give you an Activity Bonus in the value of €5,00.

The following transactions count:

  • Incoming and outgoing SEPA- and international transfers, as well as direct debits
  • Internal Fidor transfers
  • Payments with your Fidor Mastercard, whether at the Point of Sale (POS), with Fidor Pay, Apple Pay or online
  • Buying / selling of crypto currencies via Bitcoin.de express trading
  • Paying-in or withdrawing cash using Fidor Cash - or withdraw at any ATM

*Excluded from the possible Activity Bonus payout are current accounts with an active seizure, seizure-protection accounts (so-called P-Accounts), basic accounts and insolvency accounts.

Our Business Account. Manages more than just money.

You’ll benefit from our low fees when conducting international bank transfers in foreign currencies or when using our physical Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®, for only 3 € per month.

Go further, with Fidor.

Fidor acts only as a broker who supplies information or as a "tipster" and is therefore not responsible for the services provided by third parties.



Fidor Smart Business Account

Banking at another level. Total flexibility. 
Tons of extras. 


Currently, you can’t use one mobile number for two separate Fidor accounts. Why is this?

As a customer, you basically have the option of sending money to a mobile phone number or alternatively to email addresses with each Fidor account. To make sure the amounts from a remittance can be assigned correctly to the recipient´s account, a unique phone number and email address needs to be saved for the Fidor account.

Perhaps it’s helpful to point out that some mobile operators online offer free prepaid SIM cards without monthly fixed costs. Shipping is usually free, which means you don’t incur any extra costs here. Please check out the websites of the relevant providers for more information.

You’ll have received a personal identification number (tax ID) from your tax office. This has eleven digits and can be found on your payslip, amongst other official documents.

That’s the case if the security features of your ID are unknown to our legitimation partners. 

For security reasons and to protect your account data, we require a selfie from you if you wish to change your complete access data (phone number and email address). A selfie is not necessary to change your mobile number or email address individually, because not all the access data have to be changed.