Attention Phishing!

We as Fidor Bank will never ask you for your personal data via SMS or mail! 
In case of doubt, please contact our customer service and change your access data to keep your account safe.

Fidor Bank AG will discontinue its banking business this year.

What does that mean exactly? 

At this point in time, you do not need to do anything. You can continue to use your account to the full extent.

Until the banking business is fully discontinued, we will maintain our business operations as usual. Our parent company, Groupe BPCE, the largest unlisted banking group in Europe, is fully supporting us in this process and will ensure that we meet all our obligations in your best interests at all times.  

We will contact you in a timely manner to initiate the process to close your account. Rest assured that you will have ample time to transfer your banking relationship to a new financial institution. 

Below you will find our FAQs


Fidor Bank AG i. L. will discontinue its banking business this year. Therefore, the existing business relationship with you can no longer be maintained.

Throughout the period until the discontinuation of banking operations, with the support of our owner, Groupe BPCE, we will ensure that Fidor Bank will fully meet all its regulatory requirements and financial obligations. 

Fidor Bank AG i. L. continues to be a member of the statutory deposit protection scheme.

The solvency of Fidor Bank AG i. L. is ensured. The discontinuation of the banking business is for strategic reasons with the full support of our owner, Groupe BPCE.

The termination of the business relationship existing with you includes all asset and liability products as well as all other main and ancillary services, such as in particular your checking and deposit account with corresponding interest agreement, payment services, information services, API agreements, foreign currency accounts, savings and capital notes, your Mastercard® and also any authorized or tolerated overdraft of your checking account.

Our termination cannot be objected to, as Fidor Bank AG i. L. will fully discontinue its banking business. 

Please understand that due to dedicated scheduling, we cannot accommodate individual requests at termination time.

As a customer with a savings or capital bond, you will be contacted separately by us to explain the early repayment modalities. You will receive your tax certificate from us as usual. 

If your current account is managed as a garnishment protection account in accordance with Section 850k of the German Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) and is currently subject to a garnishment, please note that any credit balance on our part at the time of termination must be paid out in full to the creditor(s). A partially or fully non- utilized allowance cannot be transferred to a subsequent month due to the termination of the business relationship. 

As there is an active garnishment on your account, any remaining balance at the time of termination may not be paid to you. In accordance with current legal regulations, the account balance will be transferred to the beneficiary (e.g. creditor) in the amount of the claim when the account is closed. The applicable protection period from receipt of the garnishment will of course be observed. This also applies to garnishment protection accounts within the meaning of Section 850k of the German Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO), as any garnishment protection will expire as a result of the termination of the business relationship at the time of termination.

As of the termination date, your online banking functions will be deactivated. Your current account can no longer be used. We will no longer execute transfers, standing orders and direct debit orders and a Mastercard® issued to you or digital can and may also no longer be used.

Please ensure yourself that there are no holdings on maintained foreign currency accounts at the time of termination and sell them as soon as possible. 

No, access to your online account will be fully closed, which includes access to your mailbox. 

Please back up all the documents (such as account statements) that you have set up and need at " My P.O. Box " on a personal data carrier by the termination date at the latest, as you will no longer have access to your banking portal from this date.

Please settle all negative balances by the termination date at the latest or repay any overdraft facilities used in full.